Objectives and priorities of Local Development Strategy of LAG Devnya - Aksakovo

 Strategic objectives:

  • To be supported the social development through a better quality of life (connection with the environment, style and quality of rural life, landscape, cultural context and others);
  • Creation of an added value in the territory through use of advantages from the closeness to the economics of the district town and neighboring resorts:
    •  Decrease of expenses for market access through the integration between initiatives of enterprises through respective support (infrastructure for services);
    • increase the value of products and services regarding quality – environment – health;
    • Rationalization of procedures and integration of planning;
    • Public-private services in order to be eased the linking processes
    • Broadening the territorial integration networks (resort territory – territory of MIG DEVNYA – AKSAKOVO; rural area of MIG DEVNYA – AKSAKOVO – urban territory);
    • Integration of activities between various sectors (competition chains).

The purpose is to be supported the local development through integration of economic and social networks from the rural territory of MIG DEVNYA – AKSAKOVO. The rural lifestyle, based on the traditional production and cuisine represents the real product which shall be offered on the market for consumers, living in the target territory as well as for consumers outside the territory of the LAG.

As a sequence, the Strategic objective that was set by Local Development Strategy was formulated as Increase of the territory’s value through using the traditions, the natural and cultural heritage.

For achieving the Strategic objective we set these 3 priorities:

  1. Competiveness through increase of added value of agricultural products;
  2. Enhancement of the environment and the rural territory through using the natural resources;
  3. Enhancement of quality of life and diversification of employment opportunities.